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Caffe Lusso T-Shirt

These soft and comfortable shirts will become one of your favorites.

$20.00  /  

Ancap Ceramics

Ancap porcelain cups are the result of a meticulous production process consisting of pure raw materials fired at remarkably high temperatures.

$12.00 - 18.00  /  

Caffe Lusso Shot Glasses

Two sizes of shot glasses that are perfect for your home espresso machine.

$6.00-8.00  /  

14oz Ceramic Mug

This mug has a matte black outer wall with very durable printed Caffe Lusso logo. The inside of the mug is a glossy black that is very stain resistant. It will quickly become your favorite mug that will stand the test of time.

$14.00  /  

Cupping Bowl

A heavy duty porcelain cupping bowl with Caffe Lusso branding.

$8.00  /  

Cupping Spoon

Silver plated cupping spoon with Caffe Lusso branding.

$15.00  /  

Caffè Lusso Coffees

Caffè Lusso means luxury coffee, and that is what we strive to create in the roasting studio every day.

Steven Smith Teas

To make uncommonly delicious teas and herbal infusions, Steven Smith Teamakers imports their teas and botanicals directly from farmers they have worked with for well over 15 years.