Brewing coffee is an art. Unlike other craft beverages, you have the ability to manipulate coffee to best suit your palate. We recommend using this guide as a starting point for a personal education into brewing great coffee at home. Take notes, try different ratios, and most importantly, stop drinking coffee and start tasting it.


Achieving a beautiful cup of coffee using the batch method is not difficult when the brewer is tuned properly, the right amount of coffee is used, and it is ground to the appropriate coarseness. To avoid stale tasting coffee, it is best to brew fresh coffee more frequently, rather than a larger amount once. Read more


The AeroPress is a single cup brewing method that can highlight some nuances in the coffee that can be missed in other brewing methods. It is extremely portable, making it a viable brew method whether you are near or far from your kitchen. Think camping trips, beach lounging, or even just on your porch for a beautiful morning. There are many ways to brew an AeroPress and the below guide is for the "upside down method."  Read more


The iconic hourglass shape of the Chemex combined with the thick cloth-like paper filter creates a cup that has an incredibly clean mouth feel. This method highlights a lot of very subtle nuances that may not show up in other forms of brewing. Read more


The Cold Brew process may take a long time, but it is so worth the wait. The summer of 2015 was one to remember here in the greater Seattle area and has given us plenty of inspiration to discover a great cold brew recipe. Brewing with the Toddy has created an alluring concentrate that is incredibly refreshing when poured over ice. Read more


A shot of espresso made expressly for an individual started over 100 years ago and has greatly evolved in its parameters since the late1800's. The exacting framework that most current espresso machines are geared to can create a multitude of different beverages. Though it can be finicky,mastering espresso is a continuous process that seems to gain a new theory on how best to brew it every day. The most important thing one can do while fine-tuning espresso shots is to trust their own palate. Read more


The French Press creates a beautiful full-bodied cup of coffee. This relatively simple brewing method is a great way to experience the nuances that each coffee has to offer. The one thing to remember when brewing this method is to "press and pour." Otherwise, the coffee being in contact with the water will continue to brew and become over extracted. Read more


Brewing with the Hario V60 allows one to brew a single cup of drip coffee with no excess and be in complete control of the brewing process. Read more