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Cold Brew Blend

This coffee has a medium body, low acidity, and rich subtle hints of blueberries and chocolate. The transition from the front to the back of your palate is very smooth with a refreshingly balanced finish.

This blend was created during the summer of 2015 during one of the many heat waves. As the heat index increased in the roasting facility, we needed a tasty way to keep cool. This blend is a result of dozens of attempts to create the perfect cold brew coffee. Not only is it great for small scale home use, but also up to 5 gallon batch brewing too. It is smooth, balanced, low acidity, and tremendously refreshing.

Brew Method: The name says it all! This blend was developed for the cold brew method.

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$16.50 for 12oz
$42.00 for 1kg
$90.00 for 5lb

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