lusso original

Decaf Blend

The subdued caramel and nutty aroma of this coffee carries through the entire taste profile with a medium body and low acidity that helps this coffee finish like no other decaf out there.

There are three to four different origins employed to create this blend of 100% chemical-free decaffeinated coffee. The Swiss Water Process is generally well known as the superior method to remove 97-98% of the caffeine while preserving all of the deliciousness that has been meticulously sought in each varietal used in the blend. We are exceptionally proud of this offering, often noticing that maybe 24 out of 25 tasters cannot tell that it's decaf!

Brew Method: All drip coffee methods, French press, or espresso brewing.

We ship via USPS Priority Mail. United States only.

$16.50 for 12oz
$42.00 for 1kg
$90.00 for 5lb

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