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Gran Miscela Carmo Espresso Blend

The sweet cocoa and caramel nose leads into a full bodied cup, transitioning through the palate building more structure along the way. It leads to a refined, nutty finish with mild baking chocolate.

We crafted this blend with two coffees from Southeast Brazil in a very prominent region called Carmo de Minas. Caffe Lusso is now seven seasons into purchasing these coffees directly from one family overseeing the two very different farms. One of the estates, Canaan, provides a full-natural processed bean which gives caramel notes and a nice full-bodied mouthfeel, while the other, Condado, is a pulped-natural preparation which contributes some lighter and brighter character, as well as the sweetness. As both coffees are from a lower grown elevation of around 3,300 ft, the blend is naturally low in acidity. Many have discovered not only does it make lovely espresso, but a great French press as well.

Brew Method: Gran Miscela Carmo Espresso Blend® is blended and roasted for balance when enjoyed as a cappuccino, latte, or americano. It does make a great straight shot too, although we prefer our LionShare Espresso Blend® for doppios.

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$15.00 for 12oz
$39.00 for 1kg
$83.00 for 5lb

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