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Guatemala - Finca Florencia

A sweet nose leads to a medium body, lively acidity, and rich subtle hints of chocolate. The transition from the front to the back of your palate is very smooth with a balanced finish.

Rodulfo Jacinto Jimenez Lopez is the embodiment of the Huehuetenango region in Northwest Guatemala. Minimal processing on his own wet mill showcases delicious chocolate that we couldn't ignore. Rodulfo's coffee was chosen from among 5 top producers during a blind taste test because it is an extraordinary example of the unique flavor profile in Huehue. His coffee is grown at elevations of 1,450-1,750 meters on the steep hillsides of this mountainous region. With the help of his two sons in the day-to-day operations, we are ensured of a long and fruitful relationship with this classic Guatemalan coffee.

Brew Method: Finca Florencia is roasted for most every drip or filter coffee brewing method, French press, or vacuum style brewer.

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$16.00 for 12oz
$40.00 for 1kg
$87.00 for 5lb

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