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Ethiopia - Harar

The exotic aroma of fresh blueberry envelops your nose while yielding an elegant, light bodied cup. The past 5 or 6 annual crops from this source have impressed us with how clean the coffee is, etching this Harar’s place on our active roster

The characteristics found in a good Harar leave its fans agreeing that no other coffee is quite like it. This coffee is sourced through Dominion Trading, a group working throughout Ethiopia not just in coffee, but in humanitarian aid, education, sanitation and hope for the future. The full-natural, or traditional processing is one of the contributing factors to the exotic fruited notes in this coffee.

Brew Method: We really like to highlight the unique fruits and florals in African coffees by brewing them in a French press. It also makes a beautiful cup in all drip methods too.

We ship via USPS Priority Mail. United States only.

$16.00 for 12oz
$40.00 for 1kg
$87.00 for 5lb

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