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Costa Rica - La Minita Estate

This exceptionally clean coffee with a medium body brings the nose of subtle cocoa and mild orange citrus that carries through the entire cup with balance that is unmatched.

From the Tarrazu region in Eastern Costa Rica, this coffee is the most pedigreed and revered seed-to-cup, vertically integrated Estate that we know of. La Minita ("Small Mine") has been sought after by aficionados from all corners of the world for over 20 years, where only 13-15% of the plantation's total production makes the final cut with the La Minita name. This is the cleanest fully washed process coffee we have ever found.

Brew Method: All drip coffee methods, French press, or vacuum brewing.

We ship via USPS Priority Mail. United States only.

$18.00 for 12oz
$47.00 for 1kg
$99.00 for 5lb

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