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Sumatra - Simalungun

A mild dark chocolate character on the nose leads into an exceptional balance of earthy richness on our most full-bodied offering. The finish is a long, rustic, hearty classic.

Our Triple Picked Sumatra Tiger is 100% Typica and produced by a cooperative of approximately 120 small farm holders from the village of Saran Padang, located south of Lake Toba within the Simalungun Region. At the mill, growers combine their yields and mill operators are then able to adhere to strict specifications on defects and bean size to provide the best quality Sumatran cups. Each farm averages 1.1 hectares with elevations ranging from 2,500-5,000 feet above sea level. It has the heavier mouthfeel of a Mandheling, but it's cleaned up on the finish more like a triple-picked Lintong. This is a Sumatra that will surprise you, and even change your mind about the traditional flavor profiles associated with the malay archipelago

Brew Method: Sumatra really shines in a French press, where the heavy body is accentuated to it's fullest. It also makes a beautiful cup in all drip methods too.

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$16.00 for 12oz
$40.00 for 1kg
$87.00 for 5lb

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