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Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe

The complex nose of bergamot, jasmine, meyer lemon, and citrusy pepper has a light bodied cup with a well-structured clean finish.

Our Yirgacheffe may be properly called a "Kochere," the small micro-region directly south of Yirgacheffe, in South Central Ethiopia. Some of the best washing and drying practices refined over the years are responsible for this coffee featuring an abundance of palate pleasing impressions. It continues to be a favorite of devoted tea drinkers who enjoy some world class coffee now and then. Just like our Ethiopian Harar this coffee is sourced through Dominion Trading.

Brew Method: We really like to highlight the unique fruits and florals in African coffees by brewing them in a French press. It also makes a beautiful cup in all drip methods too.

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$16.00 for 12oz
$40.00 for 1kg
$87.00 for 5lb

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