Training is a critical element that lays the ground work for success in day to day operations. To learn how we can tailor a specific plan to your coffee program, please contact us.

Our System

Great coffee comes from having a complete program. Even with the best equipment and blend of espresso in the world, but without the diligence of the barista, a constantly improving knowledge base, and practical implementation of technique, the coffee program will be mediocre at best.

In other words, merely sourcing a great roasted coffee isn't enough, because it's so easy to ruin great coffee with a subpar machine unfit for service, or not looking after the grinder burrs, or water treatment, or keeping the machine's critical parameters dialed into the coffee blend. This is why Caffè Lusso has established an in-house coffee bar for research and development as well as training and tasting. We also have a comprehensive technical and mechanical service program too.

Education - The Macchinista School™

We use our bar for in-house coffee tasting and new profile development as well as ongoing brewing research. The fully equipped bar is also available for our wholesale clients to send their baristas to study, question, and practice coffee stewardship and technique.

A prime benefit of being at the roastery is a custom tailored walk-thru of all the green coffee sources we are connected to and their unique stories. This helps build a foundation of talking points which baristas will take back to their own coffee bars and pass their education along to their customers. The benefit to the coffee retailer is having a confident, educated staff that can cheerfully engage with all the questions that will be coming their way.